The Rules of Betting and Gambling in India

online casinos in India

There is no escaping that many of the youth today are all too well aware that gambling online is readily available.

The industry here in India and across the world has seen a massive boost in membership numbers that sign up to play casino games, such the ones found on and take part in casino games and sports betting. Here we discuss the detail surrounding the laws in India on gambling with casino and online casino sites, as not many of the youth will know of the facts when it comes to participating in such hobbies.

The History of Gambling Laws in India

The first law of the Public Gambling Act was passed in 1867, this prohibited the running of a casino or being in charge of a gaming house that was made public. Then the fine of the law was 200 rupees and a prison sentence of 3 months for those owning the properties. For those visiting and taking part the fine would have been 100 rupees and a one-month prison sentence.

The law was subject to the state of India you were in. there are 29 in total and 7 Union territories, of which, three only made casinos legal. These are Daman and Diu, Sikkim and Goa.

Goa led the way for casinos in India and in 1999 introduced them to boost tourism. There are currently, 10 casinos in Goa.

The loophole in the law changes that took place in 1976, meant that casinos could only be found inside of 5-star hotels. For those wishing to take part, the legal age was increased to 21-years and over.

Where Goa led the way for landbased casinos, Sikkim changed the game with online casinos. It offered players access to online horse betting and online lotteries.

The pattern of play is not too dissimilar to that in the United States. State laws preside over federal and there are far too many loopholes especially in the area of online gambling. Governments are in a bind if you make online gambling illegal, it pushes players into illegal sites that are not controlled or you allow for players in India, like now, who are able to join casinos online, under the condition that the casino is not registered in India.

Online Gambling and Casinos

None of the casinos accessible to players inside India actually from India. They are registered outside of the Indian borders and mostly come from European nations, built for the purpose of players inside India. These online casinos are able to run their business by obtaining gambling licensed that are approved by the Home Department of India. The legal age still remains 21 regardless, given this is the law which came into effect in December 2015. Registering members are to submit proof of age and details to any online casino for them to be able to activate your account. Just as you would if you were to walk into a landbased casino.

There are numerous comparison sites available to help players locate authentic licensed online sites to join and even though they are not registered in India, all winnings are paid in Indian currency.