The Indian Youth Policy Have No Issues Spending Money on Sports


The Indian government spend a lot of money each year trying to improve the education system because they are aware of how important it is for the citizens of a country to have a solid education. If most the citizens are uneducated, then the country will not be able to move forward.

There is Something Else That’s Important for a Good Society

In order for society to work, people also have to be able to communicate and be able to socialise with each other. A society where nobody can communicate properly is a society that will go to pot very quickly and won’t be worth living in. This is why, apart from education, the government also spends a lot of money on improving sporting facilities around the country.

Seeing that cricket is one of the most popular sports in India, it will not come as any surprise to hear that the majority of the money put aside for sports goes towards improving the cricket facilities for youths. The government do their absolute best to ensure that those who want to play cricket have access to the required facilities.

How Do Sports Like Cricket Help?

Like we said, communication and the ability to socialise are two important things that every member of society really needs to have. Those of us who know anything about the sport that is cricket will be well aware that the game is a very social one.

When you are batting, you need good communication with your partner at the other end or you run (no pun intended) the risk of being involved in quite an embarrassing run out. You need to be loud and clear and you need to listen to what they say. If they don’t think there is a run available, but you do, don’t go for it. This will only result in both of you being stranded at the same end while one of the opposing fielders gleefully runs one of you out. Cricket is a team sport, so listen to your teammates.


Furthermore, when your team is in the field, you need to communicate clearly with your fellow fielders. The last thing that you need is for the opponent’s best batsman to hit the ball in the air, only for you to run into your own teammate while trying to catch the ball, dropping it in the process. If this happens, not only will you be mightily embarrassed, but your teammates will take a while to forgive you if he goes on to make a match winning century. If you have watched enough cricket you will know that a batsman who has been dropped early on in his innings often goes on to punish the player that dropped him. If the ball is coming towards you and you know that there is a teammate fielding close by, make it loud and clear that you are going for the catch.

When there is no cricket being played, you will often find teammates socialising with each other off the field. This is because cricket clubs often arrange social events for its members. Cricket clubs know the importance of socialising, so they go out of their way to ensure that everyone is a close-knit community. If you are not a social person, join up to a cricket club and they will ensure that changes pretty quickly.

Other Sports Are Funded Too

So, as we have shown, taking part in a sport such as cricket can help to improve an individual’s communication and social skills, which is the Indian government have no issue with spending a lot of money on improving cricketing facilities around the country.

However, they are aware that not everybody likes to play cricket, so they also spend money on sports that can help to improve communication and socialising skills. Such sports include football, volleyball, and Kabaddi.